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The oven is where the magic of the kitchen can happen. Turkeys are roasted for special meals, desserts are baked for holidays, and dinners come out every night for family enjoyment. But what do you do when you need oven repair? If your oven isn’t working, the magic of the kitchen isn’t working either. Arcadia Appliance Pros is here for you to get your oven working and return the magic to your kitchen.

Common Problems With Cooking Stove

Here are some common oven problems we frequently help our customers in solving:

Oven not heating up – If your oven isn’t heating up, it’s usually a result of your gas burner or electrical element not igniting, or igniting improperly. This can be an issue with the burner/element, an issue with fuel supply, or a problem with another component of the oven. Call us for help narrowing things down.

Element broken or heating up unevenly – If you see an element in your electric oven not glowing hot, or glowing only partially, it may be broken or damaged. There may also be another component up the line not working properly.

Strange smells when cooking – If you smell burning rubber or plastic when your oven heats up, there could be a problem in the appliance’s ability to contain its own heat. There may also be a dangerous electrical or wiring issue that a professional should look at immediately.

Control problems – Oven controls are complicated, and often have fail-safes and fuses involved that can halt their operation. If your controls are non-responsive or not working right, we can help.

If you don’t see your problem listed here, just give us a call. We’ve got the years of experience required to diagnose and solve just about any appliance problem. We work with all brands of ovens, including major brands such as Maytag, Viking, Samsung, and GE.

Helpful Tips For Baking Oven Repair

If you’re having trouble with your oven, pay attention to the telltale signs if may be giving you. Check to see if all the elements are glowing when you call for heat. Check your heat distribution by using an oven-safe thermometer to gauge temperature at different areas in the oven. For instance, if the oven is displaying error codes, you can use your owner’s manual to see what they may be indicating.

How We Can Help With Drying Oven

At Arcadia Appliance Pros, we offer preventative maintenance and repair service for all major brands of ovens. Just contact our customer service department, and we can schedule a service technician to visit your home for a maintenance or repair visit. We offer upfront quotes for work to be done, so you’ll be able to make your decisions with confidence. Our fully-equipped teams can get most jobs done in just one convenient visit. In other words, we guarantee all of the work done by our highly-trained, licensed service professionals.

Contact Us

Our friendly customer service reps are standing by at Arcadia Appliance Pros to help you with any oven problems you might be having. You can reach out to us online by clicking here, or simply give us a call to speak with a friendly customer service representative.

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