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We all appreciate the convenience of having a microwave at hand in our homes. It can be tough when our trusty microwave breaks down. Luckily, Arcadia Appliance Pros has many long years of experience repairing and maintaining microwaves in our local area. In other words, if you’d like to know more about how we can aid you with your microwave repair needs, read on for all the information you’ll need.

Common Problems With Microwave Oven

Here are some common microwave problems we frequently help our customers in solving:

Microwave won’t turn on – We get many calls from customers with microwaves that just won’t turn on. Without any operation at all, it can be hard to diagnose the issue—but we can help!

Sparks during operation – Sparking during operation of the microwave is a sign of a major and potentially dangerous problem. Call us if you’re seeing sparks in your microwave, or the problem will just get worse.

Control problems – Most modern microwaves have digital controls, and they can sometimes malfunction, showing incomplete displays or not responding to touch. That is to say, other times they don’t work at all. If you’re having control problems with your microwave, we can help solve them.

Uneven heating – Maybe your microwave is working, but it won’t heat food evenly. As a result, we can help diagnose why this is happening, and get your microwave back up to full and reliable power with  simple repair visit.

If you don’t see your problem listed here, just give us a call. Above all, we’ve got the years of experience required to diagnose and solve just about any appliance problem you might have.

Helpful Tips For Microwave Repair

Some basic maintenance tips can help keep your microwave operating at top condition for many years. For example, remember to keep your microwave clean, and clear of debris buildup. Consult your owner’s manual and understand the operation of accessories like the turn-table assembly, any interior racks, and filters that may be inside built-in ventilation accessories. A failure to understand operation of accessories, and the microwave itself, can result in your appliance wearing out faster than usual.

How We Can Help

At Arcadia Appliance Pros, we offer preventative maintenance and repair service for all major brands of microwaves, including Samsung, LG, and Viking. Just contact our customer service department and we can schedule a service technician to visit your home for a maintenance or repair visit. We offer upfront quotes for work to be done, so you’ll be able to make your decisions with confidence. Our fully-equipped teams can get most jobs done in just one convenient visit. We guarantee all of the work done by our highly-trained, licensed service professionals.

Contact Us

We’re waiting for you at Arcadia Appliance Pros to help with any microwave issue you might be experiencing. You can reach out to us online by clicking here. Simply give us a call to speak with a friendly customer service representative. We’ll take care of your appliance problems every time, the first time. All you have to do is reach out—we know you’ll be satisfied when you do.

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